• Multimedia for Cultural Heritage: Key Issues.

  • R. Cucchiara, C. Grana, D. Borghesani, M. Agosti, A. D. Bagdanov.
  • In: C. Grana, R. Cucchiara (Eds), Multimedia for Cultural Heritage, Communications in Computer and Information Science, Vol. 247, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2012, ISBN: 978-3-642-27978-2, pp. 206-216.
  • Abstract: Multimedia technologies have recently created the conditions for a true revolution in the Cultural Heritage domain, particularly in reference to the study, exploitation, and fruition of artistic works. New opportunities are arising for researchers in the field of multimedia to share their research results with people coming from the field of art and culture, and viceversa. This paper gathers together opinions and ideas shared during the final discussion session at the 1st International Workshop on Multimedia for Cultural Heritage, as a summary of the problems and possible directions to solve them.
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