Exploration, Navigation and Retrieval of Information in Cultural Heritage
ENRICH 2013 Workshop

1 August 2013

SIGIR 2013

SIGIR 2013, Dublin, Ireland

Information in Cultural Heritage ENRICH 2013 Workshop

Enrich 2013 has three main goals:

  • to discuss the challenges and opportunities in Information Retrieval research in the area of Cultural Heritage
  • to encourage collaboration between researchers engaged in work in this specialist area of Information Retrieval, and to foster the formation of a research community
  • to identify a set of actions which the community should undertake to progress research in this area
A key challenge facing the curators and providers of digital cultural heritage worldwide is to instigate, increase and enhance engagement with their collections. To achieve this, a fundamental change in the way these artefacts can be discovered, explored and contributed to by users and communities is required. Cultural heritage artefacts are digital representations of primary resources: manuscript collections, paintings, books, photographs etc. The text-based resources are often innately "noisy", contain non-standard spelling, poor punctuation and obsolete grammar and word forms. The image-based resources often have limited associated metadata which describes the resources and their content. In addition, the information needs and tasks of cultural heritage users are often complex and diverse. This presents a specific set of challenges to traditional Information Retrieval (IR) techniques and approaches.
This workshop will investigate the enhanced retrieval of, and interaction with, cultural heritage collections. We are interested in investigating innovative forms of personalised, multi-lingual IR, which can include: 
  • IR approaches tailored to cope with the inconsistencies which are common in cultural heritage collections.
  • Content-aware retrieval approaches which respond to the entities and relationships contained within artefacts and across collections.
  • Personalised IR and presentation.
  • Community-aware IR approaches which respond to community activity, interest, contribution and experience.
Such new forms of enhanced IR require rigorous evaluation and validation using appropriate metrics, contrasting digital cultural heritage collections and diverse users and communities. This workshop welcomes submissions which investigate such evaluation, taking into account the specific requirements of the domain. The nature of cultural heritage resources means that content analysis in support of IR is of specific interest. This includes the automated normalisation of historical texts, the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) for entity extraction and metadata generation.
The ENRICH workshop aims to promote the exchange of ideas between researchers working on the theory and foundations of IR, cross and multi-lingual IR, personalised IR and recommender systems.